Quiz Lyric...

Oke, aq mau adakan quiz...gak boleh liat buku, mbuka di google/yahoo...pokokx harus dijawab langsung lewat comment. Mudeng???

   Aq akan menuliskan cuplikan dari lirik lagu...dan kalian harus nebak lagu apa ituuuh...gitu loo...

       When you're feeling empty
       Keep me in your memory
       Leave out all the rest
       Leave out all the rest

       Do you know what's worth fighting for (?)
       When it's not worth dying for
       Does it take your breath away
       And you feel your self suffocating (?)
       Does the pain weigh out the pride
       And you look for a place to hide
       Did someone break your heart inside (?)
       You're in ruins

       You were in college working part time waiting tables
       Left a small town never looked back
       I was a flight risk, with the fear of falling
       Wondering why we bothered with love
       If it never lasts

       I'm thirteen now
       And don't know how
       My friends could be so mean
       I run home crying
       And you hold me tight
       And grab the keys
       And we drived and drived until
       We found a town
       Far enough away
       And we talked and window-shop
      Til I forgot all their names

     One upon a time
     I believe it was a Tuesday
     When I caught your eye
     We caught on to something
     I hold onto the night
     You looked me in the eye and told me you love me